House Rules

As every hotel, shop and so on we have to have house rules to make sure that everything goes smooth and does not get out of hand. This means that we arranged a list with the rules for our guests to guarantee. The list consist of the rules: no alcohol use for guests under the age of 18 years because of the law that is in place in the Netherlands. No smoking inside the building. This means that if you want to smoke you do this in the smoke areas outside the walls. For information where these are you can ask the front office workers. If you get caught smoking in the room you will be fined with a fine of 199 euros and service costs to deep clean the room. The casino is only for guests with the age of 18 and over. In any doubt you can be ask to show your identification card to ensure us that you are of age. And some of the standard and non-written rules like: treat other guests and staff with respect, do no kick up a dust and disturb the peace off the other hotel guests. If needed we have the right to ask you to leave the hotel if you do not listen after we have given you multiple warnings. We do not want to do this of course so we ask you to be considerate and listen to us. In this way we want to ensure your satisfaction by doing this.