High End Casino In The Hotel

The Full House Hotel is one of the first hotels to have a build in Casino in the house. The casino is also one of the few casinos with blackjack. This is because of the live dealers at the tables. The casino is home of the best dealers. These are all chosen after a selection day. This ensures the quality of your blackjack games. In the casino will be played with chips. These can be purchased at the bar where we have a wide arrangement of liquors and beers. Of course we also sell wine for our female guests. If you are hungry for a nice snack you can always ask the bar workers for the menu. We got loads of different casino games in store like: Blackjack, poker, roulette and a lot of different slots machines. All slots and games with dealers use chips. When making a reservation in the hotel you get a voucher of 5 free games in the casino. This is for every person that is included in the reservation. Of course this is only Valid for the guests that are 18 years and older.